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Don’t Kill Off ICT!
Don’t Kill Off ICT!
May 25Posted By: PlanetViews: 24285

Posted By: Guest
20-07-2012 09:04:10
I wholeheartedly agree, there are three key skills we need to teach, Basic office skills, media creation skills and give students a taste of coding. If we neglect one our economy will seriously suffer.
Posted By: Guest
30-05-2012 13:39:44
As a head of ict in a primary school I agree, and it is this approach that we take right from the age of three all the way until 12. How to use applications is important, and we teach children these basics at an early age. This levels them free to use the applications to support work and enhance their understanding if other areas of the curruculum. Interspersed are modules on control( or early programing) using bee-bots, probots and logo. Just as children should use books and pencils for a variety of purposes, so I believe they should use computers in the same way, understanding all the potential.
Posted By: Guest
25-05-2012 17:56:44
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